iphone 4 test

iPhone 4 Test/ iPhone 4, 2013




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Caterpillar flower

The Caterpillar Flower/ iPhone 4S, 2013


Azabache sitting

Azabache/iPhone 4S, 2011

Azabache makes his return with a sincere profile pose.


For some time, I battled with iPhoto’s time consuming iPhone sync to access photos until I learned of a faster way.  By using the Mac’s Image Capture app located in your application folder (bottom right folder marked “A” on your dock) you can access your iPhone photos quickly without all the hassle of iPhoto. In this video, I also show you how to add Image Capture to your app dock.


Shooting from different angles can greatly improve your shots by giving them a fresh perspective.  Try using these two angle shots and compare the difference.


1. Low Angle Shot

Shooting objects from low angles gives the impression that your subject is bigger, more important, menacing or imposing.

low angle shot

Low Angle Flag Pole/iPhone 4S, 2013

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iPhone Camera iconI just read an article by Dave Smith of the International Business Times and he cites 5 features (3 specifically concerning iPhone camera) the next iPhone could feature.




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7. iPhone 4S Macro (Close Up) Length Test


I really love taking macro (close up) shots with my iPhone 4S.  I did notice, however, I can only get so close before the lens will blur the image or not achieve a focus.  By placing my iPhone on a steady stack of thin hard cover books and then varying the amount of books, I was able to get results for specific lengths:


Macro Shot 1

At 4.1 cm / 1.61 inches from iPhone lens

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